Hemnesberget – the artistic fjord village

Stay with the artist, drink coffee at the jeweler, go to a jazz concert and enjoy life

Did you know that the Arctic has a colour season? Life is far from black and white here. Come and see for yourself! Our area is a source of inspiration that draws artists and craft makers to feed their creativity and colour your life!

The Hemnesberget peninsula is beautifully situated between calm fjords and tall mountains. The 1200 inhabitants are proud of their village and have a long history of welcoming guests. Hemnesberget was once a major centre of trade and shipbuilding. Hundreds of thousands of boats have been built here and sold all over the world. Who knows, maybe you’ve been in one…

People here are crafty and creative, and they love to share their passions and their locally made products with guests. Every year they organize a big jazz festival, a Boat & Fjord Festival, and a traditional Christmas market where the whole waterfront comes alive. Year round, local musicians as well as professionals offer great concert experiences at Jernvaren, the venue of the local award-winning jazz club. 

Hemnesberget is the perfect holiday base for a visit in the Helgeland region. And if you care for it, activities together with enthusiastic locals and artist, also Sámi experiences, can easily be arranged. Why not treat yourself to a delightful stay at the art boutique hotel Mileperlen run by the colourful artist Yvonne Rosten. You can also rent a private home and live like a Norwegian, bring your camper van or anchor up in the cozy guest harbour by the old wharf buildings of Lapphella. Don’t miss a coffee break with homemade pastries at Lille Havfruen Café, local fashion designs at Kråkeslottet, or a visit with the local goldsmith Merete Mattson in her gallery-workshop on the quay. They are all here to colour your holiday!