Rivojen Adventure

    NOT IN BUSINESS FOR THE MOMENT Frank of Rivojen Adventure is a Sámi tour guide who is based at Hemnesberget. He wants the people who join his excursions to have the opportunity to appreciate nature’s scenic marvels and excitement, and to feel deep peace of mind similar to his own.

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    Plant in sunshine.

    Our vision and values

    The shared vision of Norway’s nature and culture parks is to foster living landscapes and to make them accessible based on each region’s cultural and nature-oriented values, and to nurture local platforms for collaboration, aiming to achieve sustainable value creation. This necessarily combines conservation with the development of adventures and

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    Tanken Architects

    “It starts with that initial impulse, the thought (tanken in Norwegian). And it is present throughout every process, every interaction. By insisting that aesthetics be at the service of function, that initial thought becomes reality.” This is the idea behind Tanken! The love of architectural design that Robin, Lars, Cecilie

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