Tenting in a tree!

How about trying some really exotic camping for a change? Spend the night in a tent in a tree, near an old mountain farm with state-of-the-art goats!

Hemnes Ferie offers overnight stays in two tents, pitched on platforms amidst the trees above the forest floor. (www.tentsile.com) Each tent has room for three people. We’re pretty sure you’ve never experienced such exotic and airy accommodation!

The elevated tents are perched near Mastervika, a roadless farm that enjoys a fantastic view of Leirvika cove. If you make your way down to the shore and cast your fishing line, odds are you’ll catch a nice meal. Hemnes Ferie provides a barbecue and firewood, so you can enjoy grilled fresh fish for dinner. There is also an outdoor toilet – just look for the door with the cut-out heart.

If you are kayaking, it’s especially satisfying to arrive at Leirvika. Just pull your kayaks ashore and climb up to your waiting tents. If you prefer, Hemnes Ferie can provide transport by boat from Hemnesberget to Leirvika and back again.

For more than half a century, Mastervika was an abandoned farm. In 2019 the barn here was put to use again by grateful goats and pigs. Nonetheless, the barn and the fields are more or less unchanged from the 1960s. Considerable efforts have been made to restore some of the buildings and the surrounding farmland. Nevertheless, there is no electricity or running water, and the old mill appears frozen in time.

The livestock management, however, is state-of-the-art; the owners use remotely-operated gates and fences to control where their goats graze! We can pretty much guarantee you won’t be receiving any surprise visits from the goats – but you’re more than welcome to visit them!

Prices and booking

The price for renting a tent is from nok 1000 per night. That includes the barbecue and firewood. Transportation is extra. For details and booking, please contact Antoine at mob. +47 959 12 640.