Central to Hemnesberget is Mileperlen, an art oasis in beautiful and creative surroundings.

With enthusiasm, creativity and a solid dose of courage, the multi-artist Yvonne Rosten and her husband Magnar Vedal have transformed what was once a bank room into a home, art gallery, ballroom – and an airbnb apartment (not available in 2023).

Walking around the building is an experience. There is art, aesthetics and rarities everywhere.

At the same time, Mileperlen is a pearl in itself, where it is located in the middle of an idyllic village, surrounded by mountains, sea and a large sky – which with changing play of colors creates an environment of eternal change.

Gallery, studio and varied courses

In the interior of Mileperlen you can visit Gallery M, with exhibition rooms and exhibitions, or get active in Studio YR, where you can learn to paint, draw, work with sculpture or wood.

Everyone is taught based on their prerequisites, so here you can be both a beginner and seasoned. Courses are arranged throughout the year. Follow Mileperlen’s pages on the web or Facebook.

There is the possibility of private lessons in painting, as well as private guidance via Teams, Zoom or Facebook. This can be ordered at mileperlen@gmail.com, or tel. 971 76 824.

Gallery M is open on request, as Yvonne unfolds in the various workshops throughout the day. If you want to meet her and attend a course, a guided tour, to buy a print or a painting or a sculpture, it is a good idea to get in touch in advance.

Gullsalen is an exhibition space for Yvonne’s art. In addition, the hall is used for courses in yoga, Thai, qigong and meditation. Here, art, well-being and health are paramount, with skilled instructors.

If you want to treat yourself to a different holiday, a day or a weekend full of experiences, learning and creativity, Milerperlen is the natural choice!