The giant’s cauldrons

About 12 km south of the village of Korgen, along the Wilderness Road (Fv806), you will find some unusual, sculpted rock formations called “giant’s cauldrons” or glacial potholes, formed at the end of the last ice age. When the ice cap that had covered most of Scandinavia melted, immense volumes of water were released. Rocks and gravel swirled by raging meltwater dug deep holes into the bedrock. There are more than 20 giant’s cauldrons in the area, some of the largest in Norway. The trail leads to one that is 10 metres in diameter and as much as 12 metres deep!

From the parking lot on route Fv806, the trail goes over a hill before descending to the giant’s cauldrons. The 1.2 km walk takes 20–30 minutes. Today a safety fence prevents visitors from going down into the largest cauldron.