Sørfjelltunet In Bleikvasslia – the St. Olav’s Rose and kamkaka

At Sørfjelltunet, a rural museum in Bleikvasslia near the Wilderness Road, you can see how the local community has made an exceptional effort to preserve its cultural heritage.

Norwegians have a word for such diligent joint efforts: dugnad. Lacking a good venue for community events, the villagers restored the old boarding school at Sørfjellet. Mindful of their local history and heritage, they also built an authentic Sámi turf hut (goahti), recreated a traditional Sámi settlement, and build a small traditional bakery where the local bread, kamkake, is baked. In 2014, the mountain village of Bleikvasslia received an award from Nordland County for this impressive achievement.

Today, the school and the adjoining facilities are at the heart of village life. Local youngsters work summer jobs in the bakery and learn the baker’s craft.

Café open in the summer

During the summer, you can enjoy kamkaka, a traditional bread, hot from the oven and watch it being made. Follow the Facebook page of Bygdalaget to see opening hours and when they offer summer dinners.

Kayaking, barbecues and sauna 

By the water’s edge stands the goahti – the traditional turf hut – and the recreated Sámi settlement. Visitors are welcome to use the sheltered barbecue. Kayak and canoe and sauna rental are also available through Bleikvassli Bygdelag.

The St. Olav’s Rose Award

Sørfjelltunet is the name for the entire facility, which includes the old schoolhouse. In 2017, this outdoor museum was awarded the prestigious St. Olav’s Rose for its contribution to preserving Norway’s cultural heritage. To learn more, click the link to the right.

Welcome to the mountain village Bleikvasslia, at the foot of Okstindan.