Kvitnes sewing studio

Welcome to an oasis of creativity, where your garments are given new life!

“If your favourite shirt has a worn-out collar, I can fix it, just like a good seamstress used to do. There is no need to buy a new one.”

The seamstress studio, Kvitnes Systudio, is a welcome addition to Hemnesberget’s business community – and in this age it is an innovative one. It’s in this workshop you will meet Bente-Lill Drage Kvitnes, a fashion designer who started doing garment repair and seamstress work in Oslo in 2005. With considerable knowledge and experience under her belt, she moved back home to Hemnes, establishing a business that is proving useful to everyone.

Do you have a shirt, jacket, pair of trousers, suit, dress or bunad that is in need of repair? Perhaps even a lampshade or some other item that could use a few well-placed stitches? Bente-Lill does far more than repair old and damaged things. With a small adjustment, she can make a garment look custom-made and better than new. Moreover, she has lots of fabrics, buttons and whatever else is needed for tailor-made and bespoke clothing.

The possibilities are endless. If you are interested in preserving more and consuming less, pay a visit to Bente-Lill. She accepts requests for adjustments, orders for tailor-made clothing, wedding dresses, christening dresses, bunad (the Norwegian national costume) and traditional Sámi garments.

In short, at her workshop on Sørlandsvegen road, you will discover an oasis of creative skill where your favourite clothes and other things are given new life.