The Hemnesjazz Festival

At the beginning of August, jazz enthusiasts set up an arena on the waterfront in Hemnesberget. This is preparation for a popular three-day music festival.

In 2016, Hemnesjazz Forum was named Norway’s Jazz Club of the Year. Their clubhouse, which once housed a hardware store, is called Jernvaren.

For years, people with a real flair for finding talent have arranged an annual festival. Many upcoming stars played at the Hemnesjazz Festival long before the rest of Norway, and in some cases the rest of the world, knew who they were. That said, many already famous musicians have also played at the August festival or held concerts at other times of the year.

During the festival, the waterfront of Hemnesberget village is especially lively. The outdoor concerts at Lapphella and Hundneset are not to be missed! The aforementioned Jernvaren and the local church are the two other festival concert venues.

Going forward, we can look forward to new concert arenas, both at Lapphella and probably also in Samvirkelagsbakken in connection with Jernvaren. Eager volunteers work hard to complete these new arenas designed by our own local architectural firm Tanken Arkitektur.

Welcome to the Hemnesjazz Festival in 2022, and to many fine concerts at Jernvaren before then!