Joyous musicians

In 2016, Hemnes Jazz Forum received the award Norway’s Jazz Club of the Year.

When a curious art critic inquired how there could be so many creative musicians in the village of Hemnesberget (population 1260), one of the locals quipped: “It must be something in the water.” One thing is certain, the residents of Hemnesberget share a keen appreciation of the community’s musicians and appreciate every opportunity to hear their music. So do many visitors. For a taste of what is offered, you can explore the links to the right.

Hemnes Jazz Forum has celebrated its 25th anniversary, and every year they host the annual Hemnes Jazz Festival. Their clubhouse Jernvaren is situated in the heart of Hemnesberget. In 2016, Hemnes was named Norway’s Jazz Club of the Year, in competition with clubs in Oslo and other cities.

However, jazz in Hemnes is more than just a festival. Almost every week of the year, concerts are held at Jernvaren – and musicians come from far and wide to perform. Performers include local talents such as Anna Anita, who in 2020 was amongst the Top 10 in Norwegian Idol.

Rest assured, even the Covid pandemic did not stop the music! Through Helgeland’s Virtual Stage, Jernvaren continued to offer regular concerts.

Treat yourself to a concert in Hemnesberget…

Top: Bitchy Big Boobies Bang Band from Hemnesberget. Photo: Frode Fagerheim.