The 2016 Norwegian Jazz Club of the year with its venue situated right on the water in the village of Hemnesberget.

In September 2014, after lots of hard work by club members, the Hemnes Jazz Club proudly opened the doors of their very own clubhouse. The venue, next to the Coop supermarket, was previously a hardware store – hence everyone still refers to it as Jernvaren.

Today, Jernvaren offers intense music experiences, at more-or-less-weekly concerts and during the renowned annual Hemnes Jazz Festival. Musicians come from far and wide for that festival, as do appreciative audiences.

When the Corona-virus epidemic forced cultural venues in Helgeland to shut down, Jernvaren offered its concerts online, through the Helgeland Virtual Stage (Helgeland Digitalscene). Now you can enjoy these concerts anytime – they’re listed on the right.

Jernvaren is known for excellent acoustics and great ambience. The venue is intimate and accommodates about 100 people. Fortunately, an outdoor arena is being added just outside, and is nearing completion. That arena will soon offer fine open-air concerts right by the marina in Hemnesberget.