Tanken Architects

Innovative team filled with creative joy and a joy of life!

“It starts with that initial impulse, the thought (tanken in Norwegian). And it is present throughout every process, every interaction. By insisting that aesthetics be at the service of function, that initial thought becomes reality.”

This is the idea behind Tanken! The love of architectural design that Robin, Lars and Cecilie share is evident in their creative solutions for every project, large and small. Several of their projects are presently under construction in Hemnesberget.

What started as a one-man firm in 2015 grew into a creative team of three architects. You will find their newly renovated offices, which enjoy an impressive view of the fjord, in the heart of the village of Hemnesberget.

Every team member also has considerable experience from other architectural firms, and they have received international awards for their innovative architecture.

Do you dream of a project that you’re yearning to realize? Bring your thoughts and ideas to Tanken Architects!