Rivojen Adventure

A small company that celebrates nature and the heritage of the Sámi people.


Frank of Rivojen Adventure is a Sámi tour guide who is based at Hemnesberget. He wants the people who join his excursions to have the opportunity to appreciate nature’s scenic marvels and excitement, and to feel deep peace of mind similar to his own.

With a day job as a junior high school teacher, Frank is eager to share his considerable knowledge with you on his excursions.

Each excursion is tailored, exploiting his great local knowledge and creativity. Whether you join Frank on a summit hike, glacier hike, visit ancient trapping pits or a sacred Sámi site, explore a cave, or simply enjoy a tranquil evening with coffee brewed over the campfire and homemade Sámi specialties, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Frank is delighted to have families join him. He will gladly tailor an excursion to the desires, needs and skills of your family or group. He will, for example, take into account whether you are without prior experience or yearning to learn how to safely cross a crevassed glacier.

Together, you might hike to the summit of Oksskolten, the highest mountain in Northern Norway, and on the way visit the beautiful Rabothytta cabin, and cross perhaps the oldest glacier in Norway. From the summit, if the weather is clear, you can glimpse the distant Helgeland coast, admire Saltfjellet National Park, and even peer into Sweden.

Frank also invites you to experience life in a Sámi lavvo in the lowlands. In the traditional tent of the Arctic people you can feel the special atmosphere around the fire, while you learn about the sacred Sámi drum. Listen to stories about bear hunting and ancient legends. Maybe Frank will treat you to the joik, the traditional song of the Sámi. This is an evening for all your senses – with campfire coffee and cured reindeer meat. And you can help make the Sámi bread, gáhkkuo.

During the winter, Frank offers a northern lights safari. You will never forget those magic lights dancing across the sky!

Tjuavuoh muv fáruone!