Melkarhella, winter-parking Okstindan

Convenient parking for access to the Okstindan mountains.

If you plan on going skiing or snowmobiling in the Okstindan mountains, you will be pleased to know that parking at Melkarhella will now be offered during the winter as well. Previously, only a small area had been cleared of snow in connection with the preparation of snowmobile trails, but now the entire parking lot at Melkarhella will be made available. Moreover, sand will be strewn on the road up to make it more driveable.

The local business community, the public sector, and local property owners contribute to this improved winter access to the Okstindan mountains.

The Melkarhella parking lot lies a few hundred metres past the last farm in Leirskarddalen valley, and is situated 4.5 km before the summer parking lot at Tippen. From Melkarhella, cross-country skiers have about 11 km up to Rabothytta cabin (follow the snowmobile trail until you reach Leirbotn), and 14 km to Kjensvasshytta cabin (follow the snowmobile trail almost all the way). From Rabothytta cabin over the Okstindbreen glacier, the distance to Gråfjellhytta is 7 km.

This snowmobile trail is part of a 170-km network that is prepared and maintained during the months February–April. For more detailed information, please click the link on the right.

When you head out into the mountains during the winter, it is vital that you be well equipped. You must also pay close attention to the weather forecast, while being well aware that the weather can suddenly worsen – and that you must be prepared for this. Also, special precautions and considerable local knowledge are absolutely necessary for a glacier trek; we recommend that you do so only in the company of an expert local glacier guide.

Bring a map and compass, and a GPS if you have it, as there are no prepared or marked ski trails in the Okstindan mountains. Please also be aware that the cabins are unstaffed, and that you will need a DNT key to enter them.

Let us hope for many days of good weather this winter, with excellent conditions for cross-country skiers and snowmobile enthusiasts.

We wish you a satisfying and safe winter adventure!