Mileperlen – gallery hotel with an atmosphere

You can find inspiration and tranquillity when you visit Yvonne, at Mileperlen in the heart of Hemnesberget.

Thanks to her persistence, creativity and courage, Yvonne Rosten has transformed a former bank into an art gallery and a home for herself, her family and guests. The impressive refurbishment has taken the artist 15 years.

If you’re feeling social, Yvonne will gladly invite you into her world. If you just want to quietly enjoy the art-filled rooms, the atmosphere and the great fjord view, feel free to do that as well.

Mileperlen offers everything from charming surroundings, a comfortable bed and hearty food, to a very special art experience. There are also rewarding art classes, if you are so inclined. Yvonne even offers various wellness treatments.

Treat yourself to an enriching visit to Mileperlen and Studio YR!