Our vision and values

The shared vision of Norway’s nature and culture parks is to foster living landscapes and to make them accessible based on each region’s cultural and nature-oriented values, and to nurture local platforms for collaboration, aiming to achieve sustainable value creation. This necessarily combines conservation with the development of adventures and products rooted in the respective region’s distinct landscape, cultural heritage and identity.

The Okstindan Nature & Culture Park aims to contribute to optimal and eco-minded development of the area’s natural and cultural resources, for the pleasure and benefit of local residents and visitors, as well as the business community.


  • Create identity, foster community pride and communal well-being, creativity, collaboration and sustainable business development
  • To accentuate the attractiveness of Hemnes Municipality as a good place to visit and live
  • To strengthen collaboration between the various organisations, businesses and the public sector
  • To develop a strong market brand
  • To ensure the preservation and development of distinctive natural resources and cultural values
  • To be proactive and innovative in information and marketing


  • Local knowledge: Respect for local knowledge where awareness, community pride and a shared identity are emphasised.
  • Community: An inclusive community that values generosity, facilitates collaboration, and fosters the shared ownership of the Okstindan Nature & Culture Park.
  • Innovative: Creative joy and innovative activity.
  • Quality: High quality in every aspect of the work that is done under the auspices of the park and its partners.

In both Norwegian and European contexts, Okstindan is a young park. Many of our projects are still in their initial phase or about to be launched. Together with our valued partners, we continually strive to foster a sustainable development for our area, and we are eager to share our proud cultural heritage and magnificent natural surroundings with others.