Spend a night on the edge of a glacier

Rabothytta, perched by the edge of the Okstindan glacier, is easily accessible and offers comfortable lodging.

Rabothytta is a testimony to the local hiking clubs love for the Okstindan mountains, and to the creativity of the architects chosen to build it. It is impressively situated at 1200 metres, right on the edge of a glacier, and on nice days you can enjoy a stunning view that extends all the way to the coast of Helgeland.

Also called DNT Cabin No. 500, the Rabothytta cabin is named after the great explorer Fridtjof Nansen’s good friend Charles Rabot. In 1883 this French geographer mapped many of the mountain areas of Helgeland, and was one of the first to ascend Oksskolten, together with his Sámi guide Klemet Persson.  Klemet now also has a cabin named after him, right next to the Rabothytta cabin.

Rabothytta is renowned internationally for its striking design, which is robust and simple, by architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs. In a brilliant way the cabin embraces its surroundings – even when indoors, visitors feel they are in the landscape itself.

Rabothytta, which accommodates 30 overnight guests, is one of four self-service (unstaffed) DNT-cabins in the Okstindan mountains. Given the comfortable distances between them, and the well-marked trails, you can explore Okstindan for days as you move from cabin to cabin.

The easiest way to access Rabothytta is from Korgen village centre. Follow the county road Fv322 for 18 km up Leirskardalen valley, and from the end of the road you have a one to two-hour hike up to the glacier’s edge. PS: the weather is rapidly changing up here in our arctic climate, so for your safety, bring good equipment, any time of the year!