Not everybody wants to go hiking?

Well, you now have the option of going hiking, while uninterested kids (or adults) can spend the day doing an art project!

The artist Yvonne Rosten is well aware that not all children are equally excited about going on a mountain hike. So, she offers a tempting alternative: let your son or daughter enjoy creative hours at Studio YR, while the rest of the family goes hiking.

Yvonne is an artist as well a preschool teacher. Through the courses she holds in her studio and at the Rana Cultural School, she guides children and adults to explore their creativity.

Studio YR is situated in Mileperlen, a gallery hotel at Hemnesberget. Guests who book rooms here will appreciate their creative surroundings. Check out Yvonne’s website for more information about all the exciting things she offers. (NB. Yvonne also offers art courses for the whole family!)