Painting of two brown/black furred cats, painted by artist Hilde Strand.

    Hilde Strand

    Hilde Strand offers a fascinating visual exploration of the animal world, the beautiful local landscape, and even industrial motifs. Many animal lovers have had their pets immortalised by this artist. With the trained eye of an agronomist and a steady hand on the brush, Hilde manages to capture the most

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    Artist, Yvonne, concentrated while painting the eye of a girl on one of her paintings. Another painting is seen in the back.

    Studio YR

    At studio YR, you are invited to visit a haven of creativity. That’s the concept at the heart of Mileperlen and everything that happens in this house. Yvonne bought the house in order to truly have an artistic home. She wanted to be able to work on her art without

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    Green plants and decorative stones in front of the entrance of a white house, with a nice view over the fjord and mountains.


    With enthusiasm, creativity and a solid dose of courage, the multi-artist Yvonne Rosten and her husband Magnar Vedal have transformed what was once a bank room into a home, art gallery, ballroom – and an airbnb apartment (not available in 2023). Walking around the building is an experience. There is

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