The active art environment in Hemnes

A meeting place for everyone who loves art and crafts.

Hemnes Kunstforening was founded on January 27, 2022. Surprisingly many showed up to establish a new community, where art enthusiasts in all varieties can collaborate and create life and stir.

The foundation meeting began with a short lecture on “having an artist’s soul”. A word we may have different opinions about, but in Hemnes there are so many creative people with desire, will and ability to create, that we should lift the artist’s souls for all they are worth.

With this as a backdrop, Hemnes Kunstforening was established, with the goal of promoting arts and crafts through exhibitions, member meetings, courses, lectures and similar activities. Maybe in the long run a permanent gallery can be established in the municipality?

In the start-up phase, local artists will be given priority, with the first exhibition at Lapphella during the annual spring weekend. Eventually, artists from outside will also be invited to exhibit.

The association also wants to develop meeting places for those who engage in various art forms. To achieve this, active members are needed who take the initiative and get things started.

In the board we find people with varied interests. They share a desire to embrace broadly. Both painting, photography, film, sculpture, wood carving, textiles, knife making, performance, text, drama, sound and music are highlighted.

In other words, it is an inclusive environment, open to all creativity among the people in Hemnes. The hope is to create an arena for absolutely all art lovers, which inspires and facilitates both for the creation and experiencing of art.