Studio YR

You’re invited to visit the artist Yvonne Rosten in her studio – Studio YR.

At studio YR, you are invited to visit a haven of creativity. That’s the concept at the heart of Mileperlen and everything that happens in this house.

Yvonne bought the house in order to truly have an artistic home. She wanted to be able to work on her art without having to leave her children alone. With a studio right in her own home, Yvonne has been able to work without these limitations. Today, after spending years on creative renovations, she has a painting studio as well as a separate studio dedicated to wood sculpture.

This is where she finds inspiration, where her ideas unfold, and her paintings and sculptures take form. In her house, Yvonne receives visitors who want to drop by to see her artwork or just chat. Others come to take one of the courses or workshops she offers.

Yvonne is a teacher as well as an artist, and as such she contributes the Rana and Hemnes cultural schools. Some of the results are visible in the street art in the village of Hemnes and in the Rana region. Yvonne is also a preschool teacher, and for years she has been involved in raising the visual art skills of her fellow educators.

As an artist, Yvonne focuses on existential themes, experiments with colours and surfaces, and prefers painting in large formats.

Treat yourself to a unique experience – welcome to a haven of artistic creativity!