Artist Grete Velsvåg

An eager artist from the village of Finneidfjord.

Some people seize on retirement to make a fresh start in life. Grete Velsvåg had reached a mature age when she bought her first professional camera. Photography opened her eyes to fascinating motifs, the digital images which she would transfer to her PC. That was her entrance into art. Later she started painting with acrylics, learning techniques from online sources but also travelling abroad to take painting workshops.

Hungry for knowledge, she was finding far more excitement and meaning than she could have imagined. She soon embarked on an intensive, online master’s degree programme – while continuing to create artworks at a rapid pace. She painted with acrylic, oil and spray-paints, made collages, and did works in ink and charcoal. Her motifs originate in dreams and she draws on memories; often the images arise through the creative process itself.

Milan Art Institute USA
AB5 Bjørn og Agita kunstskole