Sámi art and culture

Meet proud disseminators of Sami traditions and get acquainted with Sami food, art and language.

Okstindan Nature and Culture Park is situated in an area that has deep Sámi traditions. Reindeer herders still have their animals grazing freely in the mountains, and don’t be surprised if you meet a majestic Rudolf in the lowlands too.

There are several Sámi cultures in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. In our area we have long traditions both from the Umi-Sámi culture as well as the South-Sámi. Only a handful speak the Ume-Sámi language and keep their traditions alive.

The artist Jørn Magnus Rivojen and his son Frank will proudly tell you more about the Ume-Sámi language and culture, and they invite you to challenge all your senses with Sami food, art and joik, served around a campfire in their lavvo. Frank can also guide you in Okstindan, the sacred mountains of the Sámi people, and enrichen your hike with fascinating stories about his ancestors and their interpretation of natural phenomena.

Today most sami live ordinary lives like the rest of us, but it wasn’t always so. To get a glimpse into the relationship between the Norwegians and the local Sámi at the turn of the last century, schedule a visit to the historical and musical play Klemetspelet. Here at the Jamtjorden outdoor arena, you can meet Sámi artisans, sample traditional food, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of an old marketplace situated at the foot of the Okstindan mountains. A once in a lifetime experience even for non-speaking Norwegians, but only possible every other year. Coming up August 2021!