On a trip with a canoe and kayak

Tips for those who want to experience the great outdoors from a canoe or kayak.

Helgeland has many beautiful rivers, lakes and fjords, but in general there are far too few opportunities for kayak or canoe rental. Guests staying at Korgen Camping or Bjerka Camping are able to rent canoes there. If you are staying at Stekvasselv Gård, they too offer the use of their canoe on the nearby mountain lake, which enjoys a magnificent panoramic view of the Okstindan mountains.

The local association, Bleikvassli Bygdelag has access to canoes and kayaks. You can contact them and inquire about borrowing equipment and a kayak/canoe trailer. (Tel. +47 993 84 072)

There are a variety of beautiful areas worth exploring near Bleikvasslia. Here you will find narrow rivers meandering through magnificent mountain terrain, and here is Norway’s second-largest lake, Røssvatnet. It is also wonderful to go kayaking or canoeing between the islands of Stormyrbassenget, a large reservoir situated along the Wilderness Road (Villmarksveien) near Korgen.

The Røssåga river beckons you to adventure, running from the village of Korgen and all the way down to the Sørfjord. On this 10-km stretch, the river winds its way through forests and farmland before emptying its waters into the fjord. From the river mouth you can continue kayaking on the fjord, to the villages of Bjerka and Finneidfjord, or even all the way to Hemnesberget.

Please remember that Røssåga is a salmon river; if you are using your own boat, kayak or canoe, you must disinfect your equipment in accordance with strict rules. A disinfection station is available near the reception at Korgen Camping.

Eager kayakers are often seen on the fjord near the village of Hemnesberget. After launching their craft in Oldervika, many kayakers follow a route along the waterfront and marina before crossing the fjord. A popular trip is to cross over to Hestneset, pull your kayak ashore, and then walk up to the impressive rock formation called Næpa or Nepsteinen.