Korgen Camping

In scenic surroundings – and with great fishing at your doorstep!

Korgen Camping is idyllically situated by the Røssåga river, a few minutes drive from Korgen village and highway E6. In the distance you see large farm fields and lush green mountains.

Here you can stay in a simple, small and affordable summer cabin or choose a larger winter-insulated cabin. There are plenty of good spots for caravans, camping trailers and tents. All guests have access to a service facility that has a communal kitchen, lounge, laundry room, showers and toilets. Korgen Camping also offers a playground with a trampoline. The campsite has free internet.

Salmon fishing

The Røssåga river has provided excellent salmon fishing since time immemorial. After English lords discovered the river in the 19th century, they insisted on coming here to Korgen to fish, year after year.

Korgen Camping owns the fishing rights to its own section of the river, and every summer eager anglers come from far and wide to fish salmon and trout. Nice paths along the river give easy access, and there are several lean-tos with campfire spots where you can grill your catch. The campsite itself also offers the convenience of a special table for cleaning the fish, barbecues for cooking it, and a freezer for storing catch.

Strictly enforced quotas and fishing regulations apply. To read more about salmon fishing and the Røssåga river, click the links on the right. (On your mobile phone these links will be at the bottom.)

A nearly 60-year history

Korgen Camping, established in 1965, is one of the oldest companies in our district. It really helped popularise camping in our area. Times have changed – today most campers travel in considerably greater comfort, with far-better equipped caravans.

Until 2006, Korgen Camping was open only during the summer. To accommodate travellers with growing demands for comfort and desire to extend the season, the owners built five large winter-insulated cabins of high standard. At the same time, the reception was rebuilt into a year-round home for the host. This enabled Korgen Camping to offer comfortable accommodation year round, something that is keenly appreciated also by visiting workers and business travellers.

The campsite hosts a number of popular festivals that celebrate music, vintage cars, motorcycles, outdoor activities and adventures on the river, and attract visitors from far and wide.

Through the years, Korgen Camping has enabled countless travellers to enjoy the great outdoors and the many natural attractions and sights in our region. Our knowledgeable staff continue to guide our guests to varied adventures and cultural experiences. With up to six employees during the peak summer season, many young people of our district started their careers as seasonal employees here.

Value creation

Moreover, Korgen Camping has facilitated the development of local tourism and contributed to considerable value creation for our district. After many decades of service, the owners have decided to sell and retire, and from 2023/2024 new owners will further develop Korgen Camping and continue to inspire guests to explore one of the most beautiful areas of Helgeland.