The Wilderness Road – Villmarksveien

This is the scenic alternative to highway E6.

The Wilderness Road is 133 km long and winds its way through the mountains and forests, from the village of Korgen in the north to Majavatn lake in the south. Although narrow and winding, the road is paved and open year-round.

This scenic road treats you to magnificent views of the Okstindan mountains, Røssvatnet lake and Børgefjell National Park. Along the way there are many nice picnic areas.

In addition to enjoying the wild and beautiful scenery, you can treat yourself to some fascinating traditional foods. For instance during the summer, local enthusiasts at the Old Schoolhous at Bleikvasslia bake kamkake, a traditional local flatbread that supposedly dates back to Viking times.

If you want to maximise your cultural experience, we strongly recommend driving or cycling the scenic road during the annual Wilderness Road Week (Villmarksveiuka) in August. The entire community is vibrantly alive, and along your route there will be lots of stands offering traditional foods and crafts, exciting activities and cultural events.