Cycling the Wilderness Road – Villmarksveien

For a great cycling adventure, get off the train at Bjerka railway station and cycle the Wilderness Road, all the 120 km to Trofors railway station.

How would you like a scenic holiday adventure that is healthy and eco-friendly? We recommend taking the train with your family or friends. Bring bicycles if you have them; if you don’t have your own, you can rent bikes from Bjerka Camping. From Bjerka station, head for one of the most scenic inland roads in Helgeland: the Wilderness Road (Villmarksveien). You’re in for a great cycling adventure!

When you get off at Bjerka station, you might be tempted to a nice prelude – go jump in the Sørfjord, right next to the station! You will feel refreshed and invigorated as you begin cycling the old highway E6 to route Fv321; follow that for 10 km along the Røssåga river up to Korgen village. Stop at the shopping centre called Korgensenteret, where you will find whatever food, supplies and equipment you might need for the coming days.

The Wilderness Road starts in Korgen and takes you all the way north to Majavatn lake. However, if you want to stay off the E6 highway, we strongly recommend taking the turnoff directly to Trofors station. All in all, you will then have covered 120 km. From Trofors you can continue your railway journey.

Should you choose to cycle a little farther, you can continue the Wilderness Road through the valley of Fiplingdalen all the way down to Majavatn lake. But please be aware that then you will have to follow the busy highway E6 for a few kilometres before reaching Trofors railway station. The full length of the Wilderness Road, from Korgen to Majavatn, is 133 km.

You will be please to know that all of the Wilderness Road is paved. This scenic road hugs the shore of Røssvatnet, the second-largest lake in Norway, and takes you through breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery. En route you are treated to spectacular views of the Okstindan range and Børgefjell National Park. Along the way are numerous attractive picnic areas. Should you feel inspired, there are also plenty of hiking opportunities, as well as side roads that merit exploration by bicycle.

One of the detours that we strongly recommend you to consider, is the route up to Korgfjellet (555 m). This mountain pass offers a magnificent view over the Okstindan mountains. You might also consider treating yourself to a shower and an ice cream at Korgfjellet Fjellstue, or perhaps even a full-fledged meal and an overnight stay at this friendly lodge.

By the way, if you need accommodation, you can also opt for camping in Bjerka or Korgen, and several places along the Wilderness Road offer overnight stays.

* Reservations are required to bring your bicycle on trains on the Nordland Line (Nordlandsbanen). Unfortunately, the regional trains Trondheim–Mo i Rana and Mosjøen–Bodø do not have room for bikes. Your only option to bring your bike is to make a reservation on the Trondheim–Bodø regional train.