The cycling route up to Korgfjellet pass

Between the towns of Mosjøen and Mo i Rana, cyclists must take the old E6 highway across Korgfjellet pass*. The new Korgfjell Tunnel is not open to cyclists and pedestrians.

Korgfjellet was featured in two legs of the 2016 Arctic Race. Despite a gruelling climb averaging an incline of 6.5 %, top cyclists from around the world took as little as 17 minutes to climb the nine kilometres from Korgen village to the top of the pass at 555 m!  Korgfjellet was part of the 2022 Arctic Race as well!

Even if you cannot match their time, you will be well rewarded with a magnificent panorama of the Okstindan range, Mount Lukttindan and the Svartisbreen glacier. To replenish your energy, consider a bite at Korgfjellet Fjellstue – perhaps hot apple pie with ice cream, or something else tempting from the lodge menu.

Korgfjellet Fjellstue now has a new service facility where travellers can shower, use the toilets, and do their laundry for a reasonable price. 

*Be aware that it can take until the turn of the month May / June before the road is completely plowed, and then you actually have to cycle via Villmarksveien (the Wilderness-road) from Majavatn to Korgen to avoid the Korgfjell tunnel. Call Hemnes municipality to check the conditions if you are in doubt (751 97000). As of 22 May 2022, the road has only been plowed up from Korgen.