Villmarksveiuka – A weeklong celebration of the Wilderness Road

Welcome to a week of events along Norway’s impressive Wilderness Road!

Welcome to the exciting happenings during the Wilderness Road Week (Villmarksveiuka) in mid August. The offerings include good food, cultural events, guided walks and many other great activities along Villmarksveien, a 133-km-long Wilderness Road that runs from the village of Korgen in the north to Majavatn in the south. The Wilderness Road Week is a wonderful opportunity to explore this scenic stretch and get to know the people who live and work along this road.

A complete programme with detailed information about the events can be found on the Facebook page of Villmarksveiuka (Wilderness Road Week).

We encourage you to bring your bicycle, tent, hiking boots and fishing rod – and most of all, your family and friends! At the very least, take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing drive along the scenic Wilderness Road, treating yourself to coffee, refreshments, and good food at one of the picnic areas or stands along the road.

Welcome to Wilderness Road Week!