Park work = team work

Okstindan nature and cultural park is one of nine Norwegian regional parks and several hundred similar parks in Europe. Many small people who in many small places do many small things, can change the world…

    Happy and colorful people in front the cabin, Rabothytta on a foggy day.

    What journalists write…

    Okstindan Nature & Culture Park has organised multiple group tours for foreign journalists. This has been done in close collaboration with Helgeland Reiseliv (Visit Helgeland), NordNorsk Reiseliv (Visit Northern Norway) and Innovation Norway – and it has borne fruit. Journalists from many countries, and from a wide range of publications

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    Plant in sunshine.

    Our vision and values

    The shared vision of Norway’s nature and culture parks is to foster living landscapes and to make them accessible based on each region’s cultural and nature-oriented values, and to nurture local platforms for collaboration, aiming to achieve sustainable value creation. This necessarily combines conservation with the development of adventures and

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    11 smiling partners of the Okstindan Park gathered standing up on a roof veranda in the sun.

    Our valued partners

    The Okstindan Nature & Culture Park works on behalf of and collaborates closely with the local business community, local organisations and the public sector. To learn more about each of our valued partners, just click their names below. (More links are being added.) Atelier Grete Langseth Velsvåg Atelier Hilde Strand

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    A white window with pink and white flowers underneath on a beautiful grey wood building at Inderdalen Farm.

    Our valued supporters

    The Okstindan Nature & Culture Park wishes to express its gratitude to our many supporters. You enable our continuing efforts, and that of our partners, to preserve our natural treasures and cultural values! Our collaboration and the joint efforts of volunteer organisations, the business community and the public sector, contributes

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