Korgfjellet: a short hike to Murfjellet

If magnificent scenery and great outdoor adventures are a priority on your holiday, then you would be wise to not speed through the Korgfjellet Tunnel. Sadly, if you do, you will miss out on an incredible mountain experience.

At Korgfjellet mountain pass, you can take delight in one of our most accessible hiking areas. To reach it, just take the old highway E6 up to this mountain pass, and park your car or bicycle at the lodge, Korgfjellet Fjellstue (555 m). From the trailhead here, you can hike through many miles of beautiful terrain and enjoy magnificent views of the Svartisen glacier, the Okstindan mountains, and the coastal mountains of Helgeland.

Two new hiking trails, 4 km and 8 km long, were opened in August 2020. The information board at the trailhead in the lodge parking lot displays a map and trail description. From here, a well-marked trail leads you to beautiful terrain. Along the way, you may spot cute little animals where you would least expect them. These animal sculptures were made by children and young people, in collaboration with artist Yvonne Rosten.

If you just want to stretch your legs after a long car drive or cycling ride, then we suggest a five-minute walk to Svalvasshaugen, the small peak behind the lodge. It offers an amazing 360-degree panorama! Afterwards, consider extending your break with coffee and ice cream at Korgfjellet lodge.

The trails described are owned and maintained by Korgfjellets Venner (the Friends of Korgfjellet). This charity organisation would like to express its gratitude for the support of the Norwegian Environment Agency, Samfunnsløftet and Sparebank 1 Nord Norge, Statskog and Hemnes Municipality.