Band-picture of the seven happy and laughing women in Bitchy Big Boobies Bang Band holding their instrument.

    Joyous musicians

    When a curious art critic inquired how there could be so many creative musicians in the village of Hemnesberget (population 1260), one of the locals quipped: “It must be something in the water.” One thing is certain, the residents of Hemnesberget share a keen appreciation of the community’s musicians and

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    Concert at Jernvaren with band playing on a stage lit up in purple.


    In September 2014, after lots of hard work by club members, Hemnesjazz proudly opened the doors of their very own clubhouse. The venue, next to the Coop supermarket, was previously a hardware store – hence everyone still refers to it as Jernvaren. Today, Jernvaren offers intense music experiences, at more-or-less-weekly

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