Winter adventures in the Okstindan mountains

A beautiful experience on a fine weather day, but not for everyone every day!

Okstindan is sometimes referred to as “the roof of Northern Norway”. The tallest peaks of this mountain range are almost 2000 metres above sea level. Perhaps not surprisingly, hikers must be prepared for the weather to change literally from one moment to the next. And while the weather might be pleasant down in the sheltered village, hurricane winds might be ravaging those lofty heights.
A winter adventure up into Okstindan is more demanding than a summer hike – and you need to be well-equipped. Bring plenty of food and warm clothes, and pack a map and compass. And always check the weather forecast before heading out!

To reach Rabothytta cabin, drive Fv322, a narrow paved road, and park by the trailhead in Leirskarddalen. You must allow several hours for the ski trip up to the cabin. NB. In exceptional circumstances, Rabothytta may be iced up or snowed under, preventing you from entering the cabin. It is always a good idea to check the conditions in advance; these will be posted on the website of the Hemnes Trekking Association. Also familiarise yourself with the recommendations made under Plan your trip to Okstindan.

Winter excursions to Kjensvasshytta cabin are also best started from Leirskarddalen. Only around midsummer’s eve does the road up to the cabin open. From February or so, you can follow the marked snowmobile track from the end of county road Fv322 up towards the cabin.

Gråfjellhytta cabin is best reached from Inderdalen Farm, winter as well as summer.

As the main photo shows, winter sometimes transforms the Rabothytta and Klemetstua cabins into ice castles! (The photo was taken by Svein Arne Brygfjeld, former leader of the Hemnes chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association, DNT. He was one of the key enthusiasts that made Rabothytta a reality.) Below are additional winter photos of the Okstindan mountains.