The Giant Pine – Storfurua

There is something ancient and dignified about this last giant standing…

Northeast of Røssvatnet lake, in the last hills before you reach the Swedish border, there was once a primeval forest of huge pines. Except for a single giant tree and numerous large tree stumps, that forest is all but gone. Most pines were cut down and used to produce tar, and climate change also takes its toll – but the Giant Pine remains. It is the last survivor of the old growth forest that thrived here four or five hundred years ago.

The arms of three adults are required to reach around this pine trunk! A giant like this deserves its own poem. Click the link on the right to read Anders Flostrand’s Norwegian poem.

You can reach the Giant Pine by driving route Fv324 to Rødlia, east of Røssvatnet lake. From the parking lot by Nymoen Farm, follow the forest road and then the marked path to the Giant Pine. In addition to the impressive pine, you may see cultural monuments, and a fascinating flora and fauna. This round-trip hike is easy, only about 5 km, and is suitable for winter as well as summer. Your path crosses the Nordland Trail.

Just before reaching the pine, you have to cross a long suspension bridge above a waterfall – an exciting little adventure in itself!

The area around the Great Pine is perfect for a picnic. Tables and benches are placed here for your convenience. You can replenish your drinking water in the nearby stream.