Hiking trails – culture and nature go hand in hand…

Welcome to hiking trails with exciting information and art along the way!

In Okstindan nature and culture park, we work to facilitate that you get a good experience in nature, and we love to combine nature and culture. That is why we are now working with art and culture trails where local artists collaborate with children and young people on art projects at some of the hiking destinations.

Local sign groups ensure that you get good stories and good information about the destination and that it is easy to find. Our local growth company Hasvo produces great signs for us, and our local graphic designer Hilde Sletten makes informative and nice hiking maps for you.

We are in the start phase and have so far signposted three hiking trails according to the brand guide:
* Gråfjellhytta in Okstindan
* Korgfjellet
* Sjøforsrunden

You will eventually find more info about these destinations here on the website, see also links to the right.

Good trip!