Gråfjellhytta cabin

Gråfjellhytta cabin is beautifully situated near the Okstindbreen glacier, at 1000 m altitude. The cabin has three bedrooms, one room especially suited for guests hiking with a dog, and you can sleep in the open alcove as well – a total of 16 beds. In addition, there are four beds in an emergency cabin; dogs are allowed here as well.

The best way to reach Gråfjellhytta cabin is to hike from Inderdalen Farm in Brygfjelldalen. You can also hike from Leirbotn in Leirskardalen, but then you´ll have to follow the longest DNT trail all the way down to Sjurfinnheimen in order to avoid crossing the glacier river.

The 7 km trail from Inderdalen Farm to Gråfjellhytta is well marked; the hike takes about three hours. Inderdalen Farm has a heated service building with free showers and toilets.