Eco-friendly transportation: electric bikes and cars

Hemnes offers sustainable, eco-friendly means of transportation for visitors.

An increasing number of travellers want to make sure they are exploring Norway in an eco-friendly way. Why not make your summer or autumn trip to Rabothytta cabin and the Okstindan mountains a little “greener”? Now you can take the train to Bjerka, and at the railway station rent an hybrid electric car or bike – and explore!

An electric bike is fun and easy to use. It’s beneficial for your health as well as good for the environment. The auxiliary motor gives you a helping hand up the slopes and a good “tailwind” on the way to your next destination.

Given today’s petrol prices, using an hybrid electric car has obvious financial benefits, but there are other advantages as well. Electric cars are wonderfully quiet and they don’t pollute. In Norway, where all our electricity comes from renewable sources such as hydropower and wind, this literally means zero emission of greenhouse gases!

In Hemnes you can rent an hybrid electric car or an electric bike, depending on your preference. Each of the six men’s bikes has a mid-drive motor, which is excellent for gravel roads and uneven terrain. The batteries have good capacity, enough to propel you along 100 km of flat roads. Eight women’s electric bicycles are available, each with a hub motor. They are also equipped with a basket. The batteries on the women’s bikes hold enough charge for 60 km of flat roads.

In addition, we have four bike trailers that conveniently enable you to bring your baggage and equipment on your cycling trip.

Here is a list of available electric bikes and bike trailers:

  • Korgfjellet Fjellstue: 5 men’s bicycles, 3 women’s bicycles and 1 bike trailer.
  • Korgen Camping: 2 women’s bikes and 1 bike trailer.
  • The House Café & Motel: 2 women’s bikes and 1 bike trailer.
  • Bjerka Camping: 1 men’s bike, 1 women’s bike and 1 bike trailer.


Bike rental: 3 hours, NOK 180. One day: NOK 350. Two days: NOK 600.
Bike trailer rental: NOK 200 per day.

Hybrid electric car from Bjerka Train Station

There are currently only a few hybrid electric cars for rent in Hemnes. These can be picked up at Nordvik Bil a few hundred meters from the Bjerka train station. Call +47 75 52 91 40 or send an e-mail to to make your reservation.

We wish to express our gratitude to Sparebank 1 Nordland and Samfunnsløftet for helping to sponsor eco-friendly tourism on two wheels!