Vefsna Regional Park

Our neighbouring park, the Vefsna Regional Park, has a lot to offer!

The Vefsna Regional Park consists of Hattfjelldal, Grane and Vefsn municipalities. The park is named after the Vefsna river, which flows through all three municipalities.

We recommend a visit to the town of Mosjøen and a stroll down its historic street, Sjøgata, where you will find cosy cafés, charming shops, and music and concert venues. If you are feeling adventurous, you can climb the via ferrata up Øyfjellet and then soar down the zip-line and land safely on the other side of the river. Maybe white-water rafting adventure with River North also sounds tempting.

Mosjøen is only 60 km from Korgen. A delightful day excursion is to drive from Korgen to Mosjøen and explore the coastal town. Then continue on highway E6 to Trofors or Majavatn lake. From there, drive the scenic Wilderness Road (Villmarksveien) back to your base in Korgen.