Vallaskola – a school with a history

In 2023, this school became 100 years old. Today it is used as a meeting place by many clubs and organisation of the local community.

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Valla School was officially opened in February 1923. It ceased operation when the new school at Bjerka opened in the autumn of 1976. Soon thereafter, Hemnes municipality gave the school to Vallabotn Sanitetsforening. (A sanitetsforening is an association of women volunteer workers who provide care and services for the sick and convalescent.)

In 2020, the Friends of Valla School (Vallaskolas Venner) was established. Together with the Sanitetsforening, they have been restoring the school and giving the venerable building a new lease on life. The first phase of this renovation is almost completed and the venue may now be rented for various occasions. Many local clubs and organisations have already accepted the invitation to start using the old school.

Facilities: Valla School offers a 70 m2 (754 square feet) divided hall that is well-suited for banquets and other events of up to 50 people. As of today, 40 people can be seated at a long-table, with additional people being seated in smaller groups. Wi-fi, a large screen with a sound system and a piano are available. In addition, the facilities consist of a small but well-equipped kitchen with freezer, refrigerator and steamer. There is a convenient counter window through which food can be passed from the kitchen into the banquet hall. * The facility is equipped with dinner and coffee settings, glassware and cutlery for at least 40 people * The spacious hallway has two toilets. * The outdoor area and parking lot offer space for several dozen cars.

Prices: For meetings, the venue may be rented for nok 500 for half a day. The banquet hall is available for nok 1200 for a full day. For other types of events and multi-day events, please get in touch and inquire. You have the option of cleaning the venue yourself, or it can be performed at an additional cost.

Contact: For booking, please text your name and desired date & time to mob. +47 954 76 544. If you have any questions, please text or call this number.