The author Svein Hammer

“Entering the space of thought, looking at the world from varied perspectives, opening up to the movement of thought … – makes us wiser in our choices.”

Some people have a restless soul and a great creative need.

Svein Hammer is a fisherman’s son, raised on Hemnesberget. He went to Trondheim in 1989 to study, and moved back home in 2021.

After completing his doctorate, he has constantly tested new opportunities in working life. He has been a development consultant in Trondheim municipality, social researcher at NTNU and Nord University, project manager at the Housing Bank, lecturer at the kindergarten teacher education, knowledge developer at IMDi, and leader / employee at Okstindan nature and culture park. In addition, he has been active in two different political parties.

Along this trail of varied experiences and professional in-depth study, the willingness to write emerges as the fixed point of reference.

The dream of becoming a writer was there for a long time, but he turned 49 before he made his debut. Over the next six years, five content-rich books were completed, with good reviews and dice rolls 6. In the book collection you can read about the philosopher Michel Foucault, about the formation of Norwegian society from 1814 to 2020 (with emphasis on social democracy and neoliberalism), and about green politics and green societal development.

In the autumn of 2024, he will publish a book that embraces the history of Hemnesberget in its entirety. The narrative starts in the 13th century, but the main emphasis will be from 1850 onwards.

The driving force behind the writing is to convey knowledge about the traces of our time, and invite reflection on the opportunities we have to shape a good future. The experiences from politics and professional life become building blocks here, with a willingness to interpret the world we live in.

By extension, he is a lecturer, occasionally also a course teacher, process leader or development consultant. Expensive to rent for those who have money to pay – but affordable for voluntary associations and other local actors.