Respectful use

Let your dog enjoy the hike, but…

Hikers are welcome to bring their dog – but you must keep it on leash. For centuries these mountains have been an important summer grazing area for sheep of local farmers and the Sami’s reindeer herds. Even a kind and gentle dog may frighten these animals and cause them to injure themselves as they flee. Thank you for respecting this important rule, valid in Hemnes from April 1st – October 31st.

A selfie on the glacier?

Many visitors are tempted to photograph themselves on the glacier. But please be sure to bring the necessary safety equipment, and show the utmost caution. The constantly shifting glacier can be lethal! Crampons and safety lines are a must, and any hiking on the glacier is at your own risk. Guided tours are recommended.

Please bring back your trash

Perhaps you’re looking forward to a much lighter backpack on your return trek? Even though there are cabins in Okstindan, there is no trash service. In order to keep our beautiful wilderness pristine, we rely on you to take all empty bottles, cans and other trash with you and dispose of them properly back in the nearby village.

A smart backpack – with everything you need

Conditions are often demanding in the Okstindan mountains, and the weather may change suddenly – irrespective of good weather forecasts. For your own safety, please always bring the following equipment: trail map and compass, extra warm clothes, raingear and windproof clothing, warm mittens and hat, extra food and beverage.