Mental Health Hemnes

“Everyone has a mental health …. And thank god for that!”

Mental Health was established in 1978. Today they have around 7,500 members throughout Norway, and local teams in over 300 municipalities.

Through political influence, public information and dissemination of user experiences, they contribute to increased transparency, prevention of mental health problems and better health services.

In Hemnes, Mental Health works for:

To contribute to greater openness and tolerance towards those who struggle with mental health problems.
To promote user participation at the individual and system level.
That mental health work is done with dignity, respect and tolerance.
That the local team becomes a natural partner for Hemnes municipality and NAV.
To stop the cut in mental health services.
To increase the understanding of the connection between mental illness and drug use.

Everyone can become a member, with offers to participate in joint activities, courses or self-help groups – and thus also a great opportunity to create good networks. If you want to know more, take a look at the link to the right.