Hemnes Historical Society

To understand the present, you must know the past!

Hemnes Historical Society is a voluntary association that many in the municipality greatly appreciate. Over the years, they have collected and disseminated both old and recent local history, preferably in written form.

The team was founded in 2001, and publishes both member magazines and yearbooks. It costs 200 kroner a year to join, and the membership is completely non-binding.

The 225 members receive the member magazine Rotfeste twice a year. There is a lot of exciting reading here.

The editors are always looking for good, interesting stories from the local community. Some write themselves, while others prefer to convey orally. The latter goes well, because the history team has people who can write down the stories.

The Yearbook for Hemnes comes every other year. The eighth in a row, was published in 2022. Apart from the first edition from 2007, the history team has old yearbooks in stock, for those who may wish for good reading material.