Fishing the rivers and lakes

The largest landowner in Helgeland is Statskog, which manages vast areas of wilderness on behalf of Norwegian society. In Okstindan Nature and Culture Park, Statskog has facilitated public access to the area around the Stormyr reservoir (Stormyrbassenget), a popular recreation area that offers good fishing and birdwatching. Statskog rents out a cabin and a boathouse here. At Spjeltfjelldalen, where there are also excellent fishing opportunities, Statskog has a turf hut (goahti) available.

Anglers catch a lot of char and trout in the mountain lakes on Korgfjellet, in the Stormyr reservoir and in Røssvatnet lake – all of it publicly owned land managed by Statskog.

Statskog rents out Lomtjønnstua, a cabin situated between Korgen and Bleikvasslia, and just 50 metres away from the Stormyr reservoir. During the summer, you can row out onto the water and just throw out your fishing line in the hope of hooking a good-size trout or Arctic char. During the winter, people come here for the great ice fishing. Statskog also rents out a boathouse and boat on this reservoir. After making your reservations through Statskog, you can pick up a key at Circle K in Korgen.

Important permits and rules

The state requires that you pay a fee in order to do freshwater fishing for salmon, migrating trout or char, or to fish with fixed gear in the sea. Children and youth under 18 years of age are not required to pay this fee.

Statskog operates with a single fishing license that allows you to fish on all public lands under its management in Norway. Everyone is allowed to fish in freshwater with a rod or hand-line. However, if you plan to use any other fishing gear, such as a net or the fishing device known as an “otter”, you must study the local fishing rules carefully and make sure you comply with them.