Entrepreneur, enthusiast and storyteller

From business development via war history to sea aspirants in the fjord, Ranfjord.

Some people have the energy and drive to really make a difference, in both business and the local community.

Torbjørn Skjæran is the founder, owner and chairman of Inveco AS, a private limited company with a business office in Hemnesberget, with the purpose of conducting consulting and investment activities.

The company is the largest owner in the wheelchair company Easy Roller AS, founded and started on Hemnesberget. EasyRoller2 is made of 100% plastic, and is used in hospitals, airports and swimming pools. It was designed and developed by Eker Industridesign and is now produced in Germany. The operation of Easy Roller AS is managed by co-owners in the company with headquarters in Skien.

The entrepreneur has long since reached his retirement age, and uses with joy and enthusiasm much of his capacity in the local community on Hemnesberget – with active involvement in the town’s associations, history and potential projects.

The history of the war has been a priority. Torbjørn communicates both in writing and orally about German occupation and subsequent English attacks, about the sinking of the Hurtigruten ship D / S Nord-Norge, about street fights, bombing and major fires, as well as about bunkers and other forms of fortification of the settlement.

In addition, he is the prime mover for Sea Aspirants in Ranfjorden, a comprehensive program where children and young people are invited to participate, experiences and learning about boats, the sea and life on the beach.