Avisa Hemnes – the local newspaper

One of Norway’s youngest local newspapers!

Not all municipalities are fortunate to have an independent local newspaper. Therefore, it was worth celebrating, when Avisa Hemnes was established in 2012.

Since then, they have disseminated local news to the inhabitants of Hemnes, and contributed to people becoming better acquainted with both each other and the area in which they live.

Together with a handful of journalists and freelancers, Knut Martinsen has steered the ship from day one. We newspaper readers meet an editor who is not afraid to take a stand and create debate.

The newspaper promises to be big-mouthed, challenging and caring, in both the paper edition and the online newspaper. They want to be an active participant in a vibrant local environment, which contributes to knowledge about current issues, at the same time as both the grassroots and the decision – makers’ thoughts and opinions are highlighted.

The Norwegian government stated a few years ago that the local newspapers inform us, raise important topics and questions, uncover criticisable issues, help to make political opinions visible – and in this way create both debate and engagement. That’s true yes, and therefore small newspapers have greater value than we might think.

Long live the local newspaper!