With a base here, you can explore all of Helgeland

Come stay with us here in the Okstindan Nature & Culture Park at the heart of Helgeland! Our districts offer great hiking and other outdoor adventures, as well as rewarding cultural experiences – and our neighbours have a lot to offer as well!

How about a visit to Vitensenter Nordland, a new interactive science museum in Mo i Rana? The legendary mountain range called The Seven Sisters (De syv søstre) is only a short drive away, and so are the fascinating caves of Rana and the natural marble formations of Marmorslottet (“the marble castle”). Mosjøen offers pleasant shopping, a cosy café and exciting music venues along its historic street, Sjøgata, as well as outdoor adventures on the mountain that overlooks this coastal town.

If you stay in the village of Korgen, the towns of Mosjøen and Mo i Rana are only a 35-minute drive away, and there is much to explore and experience!

Here are a few of the many highlights and attractions that are within easy reach from a base here. Vitensenter Nordland  is a new interactive science museum. Also in Mo i Rana are the main exhibitions of the Helgeland Museum. Mosjøen offers the Helgeland Stairs, a Zipline and Via Ferrata. You can hike The Seven Sisters mountains, go rafting on the Vefsna with River North, marvel at the natural marble formations of Marmorslottet near Sandnessjøen, or go on exciting cave tours. If you are an experienced diver, you can explore the underwater Plura caves. And how about a one-day coastal cruise on the Norwegian coastal steamer, Hurtigruta, between Nesna, Sandnessjøen and Brønnøysund? There is so much to explore!

If you yearn for memorable outdoor adventures tailored to your desires, the experienced guides at Hi North are at your service!