Salongen – the salon in Korgen

According to the dictionary, “to hold a salon” means to have a social gathering for the purpose of discussions, and literary or musical entertainment.

With locally roasted coffee (and tea for those who prefer), sweet temptations and simple food such as crispbread, sliced bread and the traditional kamkake, Sølvi welcomes you to her salon. (Previously the old hair salon in Korgen.)

Here you can really feel a sense of community and an atmosphere that encourages good conversation with other guests and with your host.

The little café is decorated as though it were a pleasant room in someone’s home, and it is imbued with stories from the local community. Here you can also buy local books, woodwork, Sámi garments, duodji (traditional Sámi handicrafts), and other gift items.

Should the need or inspiration arise, you can inquire about renting the room for your own gathering or meeting.

Sølvi is a certified NLP coach, and she is available by appointment to help coach others in their self-development and self-mastery. If you want to know more, please visit her website, Balansepartner.