Okstind – local wool designs

Okstind is a small company that offers woollen mittens, headbands, hats and other knitwear. The company was founded in the autumn of 2018. The founders, Elisabeth and Camilla, draw their inspiration, craftsmanship and pride from the place where they live – and especially the magnificent nearby mountain range, Okstindan. Their company logo is a rough sketch of the massif’s nine peaks. Each woollen product from Okstind is named after one of these peaks.

The company is best known for its reflective headbands, named simply Okstindan, which are available in all the colours of the rainbow. The woollen hats are named after Oksskolten, the highest of the nine peaks – and in fact the highest summit in Northern Norway. The wool socks are named after Okskalvan, while the mittens are named Tvillingtindan.

The products can be purchased on their online shop, on social media, and at shops and trade fairs in our region.