Gressvasshytta cabin

A cabin at the foot of Mount Oksskolten!

Gressvasshytta is nicely situated between Gressvatnet lake and Speltfjelldalen Nature Reserve. It is an excellent base for excursions onto the Okstindbreen glacier. The cabin offers 28 beds. There is also an emergency cabin, in which dogs are allowed. The best way to reach Gressvasshytta is to hike from Kjensvatnet lake, or from Spjeltfjelldalen/Granheim by Røssvatnet lake.

The Gressvasshytta cabin is also a great place to start you hike up to the summit of Oksskolten, especially if you are following the trail that bypasses Austre Okstindbre glacier. Follow the signposts from the trail that links Gressvasshytta and Kjensvasshytta cabins, and then cross the Oksfjellelva river. You will find a more complete description of this hike on the website of the Hemnes chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

A refurbished cabin

Since the autumn of 2021, Gressvasshytta has been undergoing a major renovation. When this project is completed, the cabin will be even better suited to serve the many hikers who wish to explore the magnificent Okstindan mountains. The refurbished cabin will provide more accommodation, a larger lounge area, and improved kitchen facilities for guests. People who stay here will be able to enjoy a great view of Oksskolten, the highest peak in Northern Norway.

Gressvasshytta cabin is closed to visitors until August 1st 2023. However, the emergency cabin may still be used. For access, you will need a key from DNT.