Autumn in the great outdoors!

Autumn paints the Okstindan Nature and Culture Park in fiery colours!

From August you can pick a bounty of fresh blueberries, lingonberries and even exotic cloudberries on your wilderness hikes. But perhaps our most spectacular time of the year is autumn, when the trees, bushes and heather come alive in the most amazing hues of golden yellow, glowing orange and luminous red.

Autumn is also mushroom season. However, knowledge and experience are required to make sure you’re not accidentally picking poisonous mushrooms! Be cautious and check out the good advice in the links to the right!

In Norway, the wilderness is considered a commons – that’s an old term for land that everyone has the right to use. This is expressed in the Norwegian “Right to Roam”. You must, however, be respectful and considerate, and follow a few common-sense rules.